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Kirrawee Family Medical Practice is a privately billing practice. There is no bulk billing. This includes children's appointments. A Medicare rebate can be claimed for most appointment types.

  • Preconception/Pregnancy planning

Planning or trying to have a baby? Let's chat about how to be in a great place, physically and mentally, to conceive. Physical health, ovulation windows, infertility concerns, mindfulness, immunisations and supplements; there are a wide range of things to talk about on the path towards getting pregnant. I can also remove your Mirena/Kyleena IUD or Implanon rod for you if you'd like to start trying to conceive.

  • Antenatal GP Shared Care in Pregnancy

Click here for detailed information.

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment and Preparation

Worried about being 'ready' to breastfeed? Consider taking some time while you're still pregnant to have a full breast examination, unpack anxiety around breastfeeding, learn how to express colostrum before birth, practise latch and positioning with my friendly demo dolls, and get measured for breast pumps and shields. All in the one appointment.

  • Breastfeeding & Baby Care Consult (extra-long 90 minute visit)

Click here for detailed information.

  • 1-4 Week Newborn Wellness Check (Blue Book)

A top-to-toe physical check over for your baby after leaving the hospital and adjusting to life at home.

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